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Submitted on
December 2, 2013


I am in the middle of rendering 1 old art piece and two new art works in 36 by 24 inch formatted.  Strange alterations occur that the fudge of the old 800 by 600 or even the new 1920 by 1080 seems to hide. One must struggle,make love, fight, yell and scream and then gently talk to the code. So newer projects will take more time to refine, but hey if anything looks great I got something mind blowing to put up on my wall. Bigger is not always better, because certain patterns then suddenly become tiresome which were not before. So now I will be forced to do some innovation on the iteration morphological dimensions or to put it another way the feedback loop if not tweaked enough is boring...

On the off note after being gone for a very long three years I am officially back..I was gone because I assumed that I had lost 7 years of my art work due to 2 catastrophic computer failures. Fear paralyses froze myself into not looking at Scrodinger's cat. Would any of the 11 some odd hard drives forensics have any data and will they kill my new computer in trying to retrieve said data? Should I take the gamble off frying my new system just to answer that question?! Then out of the blue Bayer corp wrote me asking if they could use a piece. The deal eventually fell though which after learning there connection to I.G. Farbin  I was glad the it did not happen. But it did start something back up in me that went away when my mother passed from this world.  I thought well if someone actually wants this stuff for real, I better see. Well i got lucky..One secondary drive had my ultra fractal codes, all but one... On reflection i lost some years of creative time, I never until recently remotely viewed myself as a real artist(I am a good art teacher, but terrible artist kind of like failed writers become creative writing critics), I assumed I was more or less of a hack which I am sure many people will still forever I will remain to them. It was an empty title that I used to impress people. Now with fresh eyes its not all that bad, I do not know if pride would be of much use, more of a feeling that, weird I actually made that. Some of it even beautiful which I wonder if anymore is hiding deep inside me. Looking around my old haunts I saw a most wondrous work by Elftantra… which concretely symbolizes this strange feeling like some new spontaneous archetype I reach out my hands. I play with the numbers, the colors...And ask is anyone there? 
DarkAngelsRhapsody Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you never were a hack to were one of the few that gave me confidence when I had none and I am looking forward to experiencing these new works someday. I know this world is painful but you are not alone!
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