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The sky will always love you by TSHansen The sky will always love you by TSHansen
When everything goes totally wrong and life is to much to bare, once in a while I will see a particular beautiful blue sky that can temporally overwhelm me with ecstasy. Then for an ephemeral moment you belong to the universe and the universe belongs to you.

It has been very nice to have been gone for so long but still have a few people asking if I am still creating something and how I am doing. Which over time has helped me to find myself
that I lost for a few years again and get back into creating. It was not an easy journey but it was worth it. There was far to many people to thank so I apologize if you feel dis-included.

This is a remake 2005. At 36 by 24 inch resolution there were all kinds of problems that cropped up, in short what took originally 12 hours to render turned into a 2 week nightmare of bouncing back and for renders between Photoshop and uf. I hope little devil too will appreciate the remake as the gamma is corrected between 5 monitors and 6 viewing programs so it should not be as bright, however there was a balancing act between complexity versus brightness for reason I do not understand how the layers interacted.
DarkAngelsRhapsody Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love you!! Take that however you need it, hehe. And I love this thank you so much. I am glad my work helps you when you need it for thats why I do it.
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December 7, 2013
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